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Should be paragliding practiceded in a reality show?

The world of television does not know what to invent to capture public attention. I recently read a story about a reality where practiced paragliding. Sebastián Roca left behind the world of cameras and lights to reappropriate the great passion of his life, extreme sports

hotel pyrinees paragliding

Where are you going to do paragliding?

Choosing a good site for paragliding is key. To tell you the truth, after several years practicing this hobby, I like to discover new places. But you always have that moment when you want to return to that particular hill, or the wonderful valley. There

2015 paraglider world cup india

Tips for beginners paragliding

If you’ve never done paragliding maybe a little scared at first. However we must not be afraid. All great in this sport have had their first experience doing paragliding. I want to dedicate my first post to the first paragliding. I made a collection of