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El contrato de Neymar… ¡restrictivo!

Hace un par de semanas leímos una noticia un tanto sorprendente. Hablamos sobre Neymar, nuevo jugador de Barça. Aunque estoy en el extranjero, me encanta seguir las noticias de mi país, y sobre todo las deportivas. Barça y Madrid siempre están en portada… pero esto

Aventuras urbanas… Mallorca y Canarias

Os tengo acostumbrados en este blog a hablar del entorno urbano. Hoy me apetece desviarme un poco del tema, y dejar la ciudad para entre semana, para los días aburridos. Sabéis que me encanta hacer parapente, pero también me gusta hacer turismo. ¿Cómo lleváis la

Is it safe to paraglide?

Responding to the question whether it is safe paragliding also depends on good training pilot and the adequacy of the wing and their level weather conditions, pilot preparation is important because he is the guide you on the flight. Flying with insufficient training, an overly

How are the costumes paragliding?

Costumes for paragliding are very important and very lively when perform paragliding. For some people this is just a wonderful tourist attraction for others who practice is a leading extreme sport that is not only admire the scenery from great heights. There are varieties of

The first glider history

Paragliding is a flexible, ultralight glider. Visually bears some resemblance to the sport parachutes. To take off, fly and land a long time applied the experience of the flights of gliders. It is an extreme air sport started in the twentieth century by engineering mountaineer

Should be paragliding practiceded in a reality show?

The world of television does not know what to invent to capture public attention. I recently read a story about a reality where practiced paragliding. Sebastián Roca left behind the world of cameras and lights to reappropriate the great passion of his life, extreme sports

Where are you going to do paragliding?

Choosing a good site for paragliding is key. To tell you the truth, after several years practicing this hobby, I like to discover new places. But you always have that moment when you want to return to that particular hill, or the wonderful valley. There

Tips for beginners paragliding

If you’ve never done paragliding maybe a little scared at first. However we must not be afraid. All great in this sport have had their first experience doing paragliding. I want to dedicate my first post to the first paragliding. I made a collection of